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Islamism and Totalitarianism

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Processing Request. Later released to the press, the memo also spoke of a "unique window of opportunity" for the civilian government to gain the upper hand due to the military's complicity in the Bin Laden affair. Haqqani resigned but denied writing the memo. He was recalled to Pakistan and accused of high treason. On the basis of a petition filed by the PML-N , the Supreme Court of Pakistan launched an investigation overriding the government, which had also started a parliamentary investigation.

While a judicial commission appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan investigated, Haqqani was not allowed to leave the country. He sought refuge in the presidential palace and later the Prime Minister's residence, citing threats to his life by extremist groups that accused him of treason. It asserted that Haqqani had indeed authored the memo, whose purpose was taken to be assuring the United States that the civilian government was its ally.

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Pakistan's Supreme Court noted that the commission was only expressing its opinion. Haqqani said the Commission's report was one-sided and defended his patriotism [36] and his innocence. Husain Haqqani has long had a difficult relationship with Pakistan's military. Haqqani had made enemies among some in Pakistan's military due to his criticism of the Army. From —08, Haqqani was an associate professor for international relations at Boston University. In addition, he co-chaired the Project on Islam and Democracy at the Hudson Institute in Washington, and was co-editor of the international scholarly journal Current Trends in Islamist Ideology. Husain Haqqani was named among Foreign Policy magazine's Top Global thinkers for along with his wife Farahnaz Ispahani "for pushing tough love for their troubled country.

Husain Haqqani has described radical Islam as "the single most dangerous idea that has emerged in the Muslim world". The Wall Street Journal described Haqqani as "a hostage" while he was in Pakistan and published an interview with him from the Prime Minister's house in which he outlined why he was hated by Pakistan's intelligence services and Jihadi groups.

He testified in the US Congress in December stating that the sale of Fs to Pakistan would only lead to their usage against India, [65] [66] [67] The Indian government also opposed and protested against the proposed sale of 8 Fs to Pakistan. Haqqani is a citizen of Pakistan and he stated in that he currently holds a Pakistani passport. The Pakistan Ambassador's residence in Washington was purchased and donated by her grandfather. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Husain Haqqani '.

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Further information: Memogate Pakistan. Abandon Pervez Musharraf? Foreign Policy.

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Islamist Ideology and the Radicalization of Children: What Can Be Done?