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Buy right now! To-day it would be too late, as I wish to be with my children as soon as possible. But, as nothing is certain in this world and as I am used to disappointments, if my arrival in Prague should, against my wish , be delayed, I rely surely upon seeing you at the place where I shall be obliged to stop and will write to you from there; if, on the contrary, I reach my son as soon as I hope, you know better than I if you ought to come there.

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I can only assure you of the pleasure it would give me to see you at all times and places. If, therefore, you are able to proceed to Venice without delay, you will find me there, or else letters left at the post-office telling you where you can join me.

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  4. I shall travel part of the journey with some people for whom I entertain feelings of great friendship and gratitude: M. We often speak of you; their devotion to myself and to our Henry makes them long to see you arrive. Madame de Berry refers in her letter to a little manifesto [59] which was issued after she left Blaye and which was of no great value, because it said neither yes nor no. The letter, on the other hand, is curious as an historical document, since it reveals the feelings of the Princess towards her kinsmen-gaolers and points to the sufferings endured by her.

    Marie-Caroline's reflections are just; she expresses them with spirit and pride. Again, one likes to see that courageous and devoted mother, whether fettered or free, constantly occupied with the interests of her son. There, at least in that heart, are youth and life to be found. It cost me an effort once more to undertake a long journey; but I was too much touched by the confidence of that poor Princess to refuse to obey her wishes and to abandon her on the high-road.

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    Jauge came to the assistance of my poverty, as he had done the first time. I took the field again with a dozen volumes scattered [Pg 40] around me.

    Cynthia was one of the surnames of Diana, from Mount Cynthus, where she was born. Act V. Heard bells ring on every hand, When crossing the waste at night. The poet is able to continue the pursuit of friendship, but must abandon that of love. To attempt a rough translation:. I'm light of foot and I give a wink, Chink chink, chink chink, chink chink, chink chink, Clink, clink, chink. She obtained the Regency when the King became demented in , favoured the enemies of France and, in , concluded the Treaty of Troyes, which placed the crown on the head of Henry V.

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    Berthier was watching a Russian regiment pass under his windows, on its way to the French frontier, when he was seized with a sudden fit of madness and jumped from the balcony to the pavement below 1 June He was Grand-duke of Tuscany from , but lost his States in On the fall of the Empire, Tuscany was restored to Austria and Ferdinand reinstated.

    The calm continued for the rest of that day and was prolonged till the 29th [of September ]. We were boarded by three new passengers: two wagtails and a swallow. And then he refers again to the swallows at Combourg in his childhood and to the swallows in America which, in their turn, reminded him of the Combourg swallows.

    The Comte de Marcellus relates, in Chateaubriand et son temps , how, in the summer of , he was walking with the Ambassador in Kensington Gardens.

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    Chateaubriand told him how, early that same morning, he had imagined that he heard a swallow twittering outside his window. He looked and saw a smoke and soot-blackened sparrow which might almost be mistaken for a swallow; and he set himself to hold an imaginary conversation with the swallow disguised as a sparrow. He handed Marcellus a paper covered with the words which he had addressed to it and which he had written down so soon as the light permitted. They correspond literally with the above speech. Marcellus goes on to say that he clapped his hands with delight at reading this inspiration in the manner of the ancients, until, at the end of the paper and as though at the end of his enthusiasm, he began to smile:.

    Thy name, thy birth declare: Thou art no Bacchus, I by Bacchus swear. Jove's son alone I know, I know not thee; Thou smell'st like goats, but sweet as nectar he. In Gallia, thirsty Gallia, thou wert born, Scanty of grapes, but prodigal of corn. Bromus, not Bromius, styl'd, thy brows with corn, As sprung from Ceres, not from Jove, adorn.

    Louvois was Minister of War from to ; the Palatinate was burnt down in and again in He took Luxemburg in The Pic was his favourite piebald charger. The King had her murdered to prevent the consequences of an unequal union. When Peter ascended the throne, as Peter I. Martin circa — circa Bishop of Tours He is honoured on the 11th of November. King of France and stock of the Capets, was killed at Brissarthe, in Anjou, while giving battle to the Normans.

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    He curried favour with the Dauphin by his skill in raising speckled magpies. Luynes was on the verge of being disgraced, when he died, of purples, on the 15th of December After the King's death, he bought the Marquisate of Ancre and was appointed Governor of Normandy and a marshal of France without ever having drawn the sword.

    The Duc de Luynes contributed towards hastening his downfall and, at last, the young King ordered his assassination, which took place in the court-yard of the Louvre on the 14th of April The State is I! How gladly would I go my King again to see! The Duke, on his return to France, appointed him his aide-de-camp and, in , he was appointed First Equerry to the Duchess, whom he had gone to Marseilles to meet. The Comte de Mesnard was with the Duc de Berry at the moment of his assassination. He was created a peer of France in He was tried and acquitted on the 15th of March and at once joined the Duchesse de Berry in Italy.

    Treachery handed me over to our enemies. Kept a prisoner and long oppressed by persons to whom I had shown nothing but kindness, I have bewailed their ingratitude and suffered with resignation the wrongs with which they have overwhelmed me; but I shall never cease to protest against the usurpation of the rights of a child whom justice, ties of blood, honour and faith obliged them to protect and defend.

    Salins, lately burnt to the ground, had been built up again; I preferred it with its Spanish tumble-down ugliness [61]. The great storm which caused so many shipwrecks in the Channel assailed me on the Jura. The caravanserai built of wooden planks, brilliantly lighted and filled with travellers taking shelter suggested not a little the keeping of a witches' [Pg 42] sabbath.

    I refused to stop; they brought the horses. When it came to closing the lanterns of the calash, a great difficulty arose; the hostess, an extremely pretty young witch, lent a hand, laughing. She took care to hold her candle-end, protected by a glass tube, close up to her face, so as to be seen.

    At Pontarlier, my old host, a great Legitimist during his life-time, was dead. I supped at the inn called the National: a good omen for the newspaper of that name. Armand Carrel is the chief of those men who did not lie during the Days of July. The Castle of Joux defends the approaches to Pontarlier; it has seen two men succeed one another in its donjons, both of whom the Revolution will bear in memory: Mirabeau and Toussaint-Louverture [63] , the black Napoleon, imitated and killed by the white Napoleon.

    Perhaps Bonaparte does not so much as remember this crime, because he has been less often reproached with it than with the others. The hurricane increased: I encountered its greatest violence between Pontarlier and Orbe. It increased the size of the mountains, rang the bells in the hamlets, drowned the roar of the torrents in that of the thunder, and swept down howling upon my calash, like a heavy squall on the sail of a ship. When low-lying lightning-flashes cracked across the heaths, one saw flocks of sheep stand motionless, their heads hidden between their fore-feet, presenting their tails tucked in and their shaggy quarters to the showers of rain and hail beaten up by the wind.

    The voice of the man calling the time from the summit of a mountain belfry sounded like the cry of the last hour. At Lausanne, all was smiling-again: I had often visited that town before; I no longer know a soul there. At Bex, while they were harnessing to my carriage the horses which had perhaps drawn the bier of Madame de Custine, I stood leaning against the door of the house where my hostess of Fervacques died. She had been celebrated [Pg 43] before the revolutionary tribunal for her long hair.