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Lily's the best. She is funny, kind, caring and probably the coolest person you will ever stumble upon. She has many goals and dreams in which she knows she can accomplish.

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She loves partyin' with her friends, or even just kickin back and takin it easy watchin some movies. Either way, she's the type of person you should definitely get to know!

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Lily is a bit crazy at times. A sweet person enjoyed by others. Always tries to do what she thinks is best and encourages others to do the same in order to make the world a better place. Lily is an amazing person and one of my best friends.


Lily is a kind , caring person who always makes you feel welcome and has the best sense of humour ever. They are kind and loving , once you meet a lily you will love a lily. They are amazing , you can't get angry at them. She is such a Lily.

Lily is the most stunning girl in the world, any guy would be happy to have her. Be aware - She loves you more than anything and if you don't say something to her she will move on.

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Lily I really love you. April 05, Lily is the best friend you could ever have she is shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is the funniest person ever she is extremely trustworthy if you tell her a secret no one will know exept you her! But i know another lily who is extremely outgoing and well the opposite but still nice and there both super weird but in an amazing way!

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Anyways there both super awesome and amazing!!!!!! PCTI May 9 It is that above all that has made her Home desolate and beggared her offspring… Surely, she has the right to wield her pen for its Suppression.

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The Lily always maintained its focus on temperance. Fillers often told horror stories about the effects of alcohol. Although Bloomer refused to take credit for inventing the pants-and-tunic outfit, her name became associated with it because she wrote articles about the unusual dress, printed illustrations in The Lily and wore the costume herself. The circulation of The Lily rose from per month to 4, per month because of the dress reform controversy. At the end of , the Bloomers moved to Mount Vernon, Ohio, where Amelia Bloomer continued to edit The Lily , which by then had a national circulation of over 6, Bloomer sold The Lily in to Mary Birdsall because she and her husband, Dexter were moving to Council Bluffs, Iowa, where no facilities for publishing the paper were available.

She remained a contributing editor for the two years The Lily survived after she sold it. The Lily published its final issue December 15, Request a Free Trial for your Organization.

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Accessible Archives Inc. The Lily The Lily , the first newspaper for women, was issued from until under the editorship of Amelia Bloomer Amelia Bloomer. Bloomer Suit s.