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One would also assume that the student body will have enough in its arsenal loosely again to respond to Sylvia; particularly on the intellectual level.

There is little doubt that the initial student reaction may have been emotionally laden, but to consider physical violence does not only lose the argument, but equally erodes every iota of respect that we have come to associate with this illustrious institution. There is a place for people who deal with situations like that in that way, but FBC is not one of them.

We appreciate that riots can be seen as the language of the unheard, and there is no doubt that this institution among others, have trudged on unheard for a very long time. Student protests are nothing new to the seasoned observer, but the timing of such a protest and its attendant threats cannot be more ironical. It is with the deepest regret and sadness that such behaviour has come barely 2 weeks since the sad loss of a comrade, philosopher, and leader Hindolo Sumanguru Trye.

Since his death on 26 th July, the tributes have been deservedly flowing. Student protests and the history of student protests in the country would never be complete without the mention of Hindolo S.

Religious Advising For Strategic Effect: US Army Chaplains as Change Agents | Small Wars Journal

Siaka Stevens had ruthlessly wiped out all forms of opposition and transformed our political DNA into a one-party state. It was obvious that the only form of opposition was going to come from the student body. Hindolo, together with other notables like Saaba Tumoe, Cleo Hanciles, may their souls rest in peace went a long way in restoring and defining the role of this institution for generations to come. I will not attempt to present a tribute here, but suffice it to say that these guys would have certainly done with a better way to remember their sacrifices and good work; especially at this time.

What would Hindolo and others do if they were in this position? They would have used the media to put their point across without the need for threats of a physical nature. Threatening violence may appear to do well but that in itself is temporary; as the evil it does is permanent. Violence, even when well intentioned not in this case , always rebounds upon oneself. Among other causes of anxieties, is the threat of violence, which had been perpetuated in no small measure by some parts of our mindless so-called media.

In their divided and sometimes misguided loyalties between the citizens on the one hand and their political paymasters on the other, they have used emotive languages to peddle the worst aspects of our society. Tribalism, religion, gender, blackmail, and all aspects of the dark arts of electioneering have been used to put the frighteners into our politically fragile psyches today.

Against such a backdrop and as we hope against hope for peaceful, free and fair elections, students from FBC or any other institution would be the last people we would expect to buck the trend. To all intents and purposes, all that these students may have been asking for is social justice, for all we know.

Criticism of atheism

But social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it always intends to create. While current doctrine and force structure suggest that unit ministry teams deploy with the headquarters of the battalion and larger-sized units to which they are assigned, preliminary experiments in training exercises suggests their effective utilization as religion subject matter experts for smaller specialized asymmetric and stability operations missions.

While further tests are required to validate this concept, it appears that the addition of a chaplain and assistant to deployments of as few as twenty to thirty Soldiers can provide robust capability for comparatively low additional cost. Indeed, if unit ministry teams can effectively exercise their religious advisory capacity to mitigate conflict, the result might be shorter, less intense military engagements with attendant cost reduction, such that the employment of chaplains and assistants with smaller soldier configurations would recoup the additional cost many times over. Maximizing the benefit of the approach outlined here requires chaplains and assistants willing and able to develop new capabilities based on lessons learned from the past eleven years of war and from current training, willingness of commanders to expand their employment of chaplains in new directions, and branch leadership that advocates for such employment with Army and DOD senior leadership.

Once these three components come together, the United States Army Chaplain Corps will be more fully empowered to exemplify its motto, Pro Deo Et Patria , in new, exciting ways that benefit the Army and nation. Chaplain Col. Barry R. Baron is the Command Chaplain, U. Chaplain Lt. Ira C. Houck is the Deputy Director, U. I agree with several of Froggy's concerns.

I think the most immediate hurdle to an expansion of the utility of the Chaplain Corps is the sense of denominational superiority. In my limited experience, too many Chaplains are marginally effective in providing counsel to soldiers within the unit because they wear their denomination on their sleeve. Some pay lip service to being open and accepting of other faiths but their lack of sincerity is palpable.

Refiner's Fire: A Religious Engagement With Violence

I'm happy for them that they are so sure, so secure, so certain in their spiritual path and I understand that it can be hard not to express these feelings. That said, it too often drowns out any effort to remain open to others. If the Chaplaincy cannot address this issue which is at the heart of their primary mission, how can it be expected to expand its mission into new areas?

Again, this is just based upon my time in the military and my experience may not be the norm. I have served with some excellent Chaplains, as well, they just might be outnumbered. The chaplain mission is only useful for the force and Mission Command, if one wishes to cite doctrine, if it is only inward focused. Thus, a Chaplain focuses on the spiritual needs of the American organization or unit.

Any attempt to focus outward, toward a non-military element or group, will nearly always result in confusion, misunderstanding, or catastrophic blunder. A few things to consider:. Where you stand depends on where you sit. If I am a Navy Aviator, I write articles arguing how the Navy Aviator is relevant, and must remain relevant, and can be more relevant.

Only a heretic consider that word with respect to religion would challenge the institution and perhaps suggest that one's own rice bowl is not really relevant anymore; or that every major effort to use the Chaplain Corps in an outward focus has resulted in either a PR nightmare, or at least the appearance of attempting to convert outsiders.

My position, my paradigm, my cement shoes.

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Every individual, group, and organization has a mindset or worldview some use the term paradigm which is comprised of their shared values, beliefs, concepts, and symbols. Different cultures have different paradigms, and they generally are incompatible, or at least highly paradoxical. This is not to say we cannot cooperate in peace, or that a Muslim and a Christian cannot be good neighbors or married and raise a wonderful family.

The Refiner's Fire - Christian Berdahl

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